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Our Services

This is all about our services:

Student Counselling

  1. Information on universities and institutions
  2. Course and Institution Advice
  3. Matching Student’s eligibility and preferences

Admission and Application Processing

  1. Apply online
  2. Advice on IELTS registration and examination services
  3. Advice on bank loans and scholarships

Visa Processing

  1. Student Visa case assessment and advice
  2. Assistance with fee payments and eCoE.
  3. Applying E-visa

Pre-departure Assistance

  1. Advice on air ticket booking.
  2. Advice about what to carry.
  3. Assistance in currency conversion.

Arrival Abroad

  1. Advice on how to check out securely.
  2. Advice about questioning at the Airport there.
  3. Assistance in hotel or hostel  booking as accommodation.


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